Holiday Veteran Campaign 2021


Monday, Nov. 01, 2021


Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021

  We are happy to announce we have partnered with Maloney's on Main Pub and Restaurant in Matawan and our new funeral home located at 111 Main Street, Matawan NJ for our Holiday campaign, this year we will be focusing on our Veterans in VA Nursing Homes and the VA Homeless Shelters. We have reached out to the VA facilities throughout the Metropolitan area, and compiled a list of items that they need. 

These incredible men and women have served our country and are alone for the holidays. 

All items must be new (old items will not be accepted) and dropped off in a bag.

 A note to a Veteran if you desire would be appreciated. Donations will be accepted until December 15th, 2021.Thank you in advance for helping to make this Holiday Season even more special for the people who are so special to us.

 * We CANNOT accept aerosol products, powders or trial size items *


Socks with non slip tread

Sweatshirts & Sweatpants size M- 5XL

Suspenders & Belts - Larger sizes

White Undershirts size M - 5XL

Button Down Cardigans Men

Button Cardigans Woman’s

Eyeglass Lanyards

Baseball Hats

New Crossword Books &

Word Finder Books

Magnifying Sheets

Electric Razor

Body Lotion

Body Wash

Body Spray


Pre Shave, After Shave,




Lip Balm


Denture Adhesive

Denture Cleaning Tablets



Fanny Packs