Full Service

In the funeral home business, it is a rare, but an invaluable characteristic. At our New Jersey Funeral Home there is nothing related to a funeral that we can’t handle for you. Nothing.

Our expertly-trained staff is here to respond to your every need at a most sensitive time. You can leave all planning to us. Why? 

One reason is that we never depend on outside suppliers. Everything from a fleet of impeccably maintained limousines to our floral and religious articles shop to monuments and memorials are all owned and operated by us.

Perhaps most important is the Scalia commitment to providing only the finest service with compassion and precise attention to detail. Our family treats yours with the utmost respect and courtesy. 

Because in your time of need, we want to take care of everything. And we do mean everything.



Funerals today are vastly different then they were years ago. One constant that has stood the test of time is, families and friends still need to gather in order to grieve, as well as to pay honor and tribute to the life lived. We realize that our critical role is to create an environment where each family can personalize their service in a way that aids them in the grieving process. Displaying personal effects of the deceased is encouraged for such personalization. In the past, some of the services  included: sports equipment for a father who was an avid sports fan, portraits for a mother who was an artist and a genuine Harley Davidson motorcycle was wheeled in to one of our chapels by a family grieving over an uncle who enjoyed tooling around. There is truly no limit because we understand that how you remember your loved one can help bring closure and make it easier to say goodbye.

Here are just some other ideas for a personalized service:

• Photo Collage

• Personal Musical Selections

• Personal Displays

• Floral Tributes

• DVD Memorial Tributes

• Military Tributes

• Dove or Balloon Releasing

• On site Prayer Cards, Acknowledgement Cards and Memorial Program Printing

Recently, we have installed new room signs at all of our chapels. The new signs will now display pictures of your loved one as well as the important information about the services. These new additions are a symbol of our dedication to the importance and individualism of each and every life that is lived. If you have any further questions or ideas and need assistance, please feel free to contact your funeral director at any time.

Veterans Benefits & Entitlements

Veterans Benefits & Entitlements

Our staff pays close attention to the details associated with a Veteran’s funeral service. We offer a Veterans Memorial Package which includes, specialized prayer cards ,a photograph is taken  of the Flag Presentation by the Military Honor Guard,   which is  then placed in a frame  by us and presented to the next of kin. We place appropriate decals of the respective Branch of Service to the Hearse. We will arrange and coordinate services by any fraternal military organization that the Veteran may have been a member of. We will procure a Burial Flag from United States Government; The Flag will be proudly displayed on, in or next to the casket, depending upon the wishes of the family. We will explain all burial benefits the family is entitled to as well as any possible monetary reimbursement. We will file any VA Insurance claims for the family if applicable.    

Let us assist you and your family to make certain that you are receiving all of the Veteran's Benefits that you are entitled to. 

Minister & CertifiedFuneral Celebrant on Staff

Minister & CertifiedFuneral Celebrant on Staff

We are proud to have on Staff a  Minister and Certified Funeral Service Celebrant. Kevin G. Moran has gone thru extensive training allowing him to help customize and memorialize your loved ones service as you seem fit. Many families desire a funeral service but some families want a service that is more personal and less traditional. A Certified Funeral Celebrant has the expertise and knowledge to help guide a family and conduct such as funeral service 

We also work with all Faiths and Creeds; allowing us to customize a Funeral Service that is best for you and your family.